Sunnies Roundup: Summer Is Upon Us!

Sunnies Roundup: Summer Is Upon Us!

Summer has arrived, and it’s an exciting time for us at Sunnies as we wrap up our spring shows and get ready for the summer. We’re thrilled to share that our new collection of children’s and babies' sunglasses has received incredible feedback from all of you. Taking feedback from all our conversations with customers we are excited to announce that we have started work on designing some new sunglasses styles and adding more colours to the current ranges, keeping the bendy bounce-back durability that is so important to us (watch this space for launch offers).

Let’s take a moment to look at the past three months and what we’ve learned. As mentioned in our previous Sunnies Life post in May, we embarked on this year's shows and events with little idea of what to expect. We've participated in three shows so far: the Sandown Baby and Toddler Show, the Birmingham Baby Show with Lidl, the Liverpool Baby and Toddler Show, and most recently, we attended the Mum and Me  influencers event. Each experience has taught us something new! However, what has truly stood out and encouraged us to do more is the incredible reception we've received from our lovely customers.

When parents and family members first see our baby and children’s sunglasses they comment on how cute and tiny they are (and they really are cute 😍), and then we show them how bendy they are and talk to them about eye care. This is the part for me and Helen that has been amazing!

Eyecare is something that Helen and I, along with the Sunnies team, are extremely passionate about. So many parents, and expecting parents, have said they never thought of sunglasses for babies and children as essential for health until meeting us. We are so glad to have the opportunity to talk with families about keeping their little ones' precious eyes safe in the sun.

Although our site has lots of information on the effects of UV rays, talking to you all has inspired us to add some (hopefully interesting 😂) detailed content to our site and social media over the coming months. We want to continue to support our customers in making educated decisions when choosing their babies and children's sunglasses and helping them learn the importance of eye care from birth.

We look forward to working with other health experts we have met, like the Honest Midwife and baby2sleep, to spread the message further.

This summer will bring new collaborations and partnerships (keep an eye on our socials for giveaways and more 😉) with some of the businesses we have met and loved. 

For Helen and I, the best part of the shows and events is meeting and talking to our customers. Your feedback and reviews mean everything to us as it supports our business and helps us continue to keep babies and children safe in the sun. 

We can’t wait to meet more of you at our next event!
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