Sunnies Roundup: NEC Show Wrap-Up!

Sunnies Roundup: NEC Show Wrap-Up!

What a great weekend at the NEC Baby Show with Lidl!

Hi to all our lovely followers, I wanted to share what a fantastic time Sunnies had last weekend at the NEC Baby Show with Lidl. It’s great to spend time with our customers and get to see our littlest customers in their baby and kids’ sunglasses.

As you know, our Sunnies team is new to shows this year and we have loved meeting our customers and hearing what you think of our sunglasses. To date, we have attended the London Baby and Toddler Show, and the NEC Baby Show with Lidl, and have learnt so much. We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback on the new range of colours and styles, we also learnt our all singing and dancing, expensive till system didn’t work with unsecured wifi, LOL!

Sunnies started the year with only wayfarers and aviators and we decided to take a leap and add five more styles! After a lot of research; pouring over hundreds of colour samples and styles, and then more umming and ahhing, we were finally ready to launch our new styles/colours at the Baby and Toddler Show. We were amazed (and relieved) to hear how much you all loved the colours we chose :) Let me share a little about our journey through the shows themselves.

So back in March we arrived at Sandown Park Baby and Toddler Show excited to start interacting with our customers. We thought we were prepared and organised, we had our signs, banners, display stands and posh till, perfect right? Erm, no….. We quickly realised we were the newbies and needed help! The truck was neatly loaded with a lot of stock but had no trolley to move it all (head slap moment!). Luckily the show was full of amazing (and experienced) exhibitors who were quick to the rescue with a pallet truck and ladder. We then got stuck in and had everything set up ready to go for the next day.

From the minute the doors opened on Friday until the last minutes of the show Sunday we were surrounded by customers enjoying trying the baby and kids' sunglasses on their little ones, it was amazing! By the end of the show we were addicted to the high of a baby show and booked the next morning to exhibit at the NEC Baby Show with Lidl.

This time we were actually prepared for the show (our own trolley and ladder lol!) and quickly got set up. On the Friday morning we eagerly awaited our small customers. Each show brings new interactions and feedback, which we will use to continue extending our range. Our favourite thing about the shows is getting to see the babies and kids in their sunglasses and talk about eye care. Our glasses do look fab (if I do say so myself 🙂) but they also have eye protection benefits, as parents baby and kids sunglasses isn’t something that jumps to the front of your mind as necessary but by talking to our parents we hope to help educate on the importance of sunglasses as early as possible to protect from harmful UVA rays.

We are so excited for June to come for our next show at The Liverpool Baby and Toddler Show! If you are there please be sure to come and see us. For now, Helen and I are going to sit quietly, not talking to each other for at least two days while we recover from the show ‘buzz’ and look through all the fab customer reviews and Instagram tags!

Watch out for our next Sunnies life update!

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I saw you at the Sandown event when I was still pregnant. Looking forward to your next event near me so I can try the different styles on my little boy!


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