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It’s Snow Joke! Winter Eye Protection is a must!!

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After my last blog post about ‘why kids need sunnies in the winter’ I’ve had a few insta DMs and emails asking questions about winter sun so thought I would do another post to give a bit more of an insight.

As I said in my last post winter sunlight isn’t something that is talked about greatly in the UK (mainly as we don’t get a lot of snow). However, it is something that is important we talk about and understand to protect our children's eyes from unnecessary damage. It is a myth that ‘blue’ light or HEVL (high energy visible light) is only harmful to our sight in the snow or from screens. Blue light is part of the sun’s rays and is one of the reasons why we see the sky as blue, so not matter the time of year it is always present.
HEVL bounces of any reflective surfaces such as; puddles, snow, or ice and creates reflective damage to eyes. With children and babies they are often closer to these surfaces so feel the effects more directly in their developing, delicate eyes. Prolonged exposure to HEVL can cause; dry eyes, eye fatigue, light sensitivity and other minor disorders but it can also cause macular degeneration which reduces the function of the eye, and can even cause blindness.
All of this can be prevented in our children by wearing good quality sunglasses which offer 100% UV protection and polarised lenses. So whether it's a winter walk or a snowy mountain make sure your children have their sunglasses ready.

 Boy jumping in puddles wearing sunnies sunglasses


Let's break down the reasons why sunglasses should be a year-round essential for your baby or child:

  1. Year-Round UV and HEVL Protection: UV rays and HEVL aren't just out in the summer months. Even on a cold winter day, your children's eyes are exposed to these harmful elements. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious eye conditions in the future. So, equip your children with sunglasses that provide 100% UV and HEVL protection. That way, they can explore any season safely.
  1. Winter Sun and Overseas Adventures: More and more families are off to winter sun destinations during the winter. If you're planning an overseas holiday, don't forget to pack the essentials: sunglasses, sun hats, and sunscreen. The winter sun can be deceivingly strong, and it's crucial to protect your child's eyes from potential damage.
  1. Winter Activities: Even if you're not headed for a tropical getaway, winter at home can be just as challenging for young eyes. The glare from snow and ice can be harsh, leading to discomfort and potential long-term damage. Sunglasses will make winter walks and sledding adventures much more enjoyable for your kids.
  1. Skiing Safety: If you're hitting the slopes with your family, make sure your children have a pair of polarised sunglasses handy. The reflective glare from snow can be blinding, leading to a condition known as ‘snow blindness’. Protect those developing eyes from this risk by ensuring your kids have the right eyewear for on and off the slopes. 

Finding the right sunglasses for your kids can be a fun adventure in itself. Look for ones that offer 100% UV protection and HEVL blocking. These will shield their eyes from the full spectrum of harmful light. Additionally, polarised lenses will provide added protection, especially during winter activities.

Now as a mum of two boys, I know the struggle of convincing your little ones to wear sunglasses, especially when they're more focused on playing. But when you choose stylish frames and make it a fun part of their outdoor gear, they'll be more eager to pop them on. Let them pick out their own pair, or even have a family sunglasses day. Who said protecting their eyes can't be a fashionable endeavour?

So, whether you're chasing winter sun or exploring your local wonderland, make sure to add sunglasses to your checklist of essential protective gear for your kids. After all, those eyes of theirs have a lifetime of adventures ahead – let's make sure they're ready for every season!

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