Shady Business: Why Kids Need Sunnies in Winter!

Shady Business: Why Kids Need Sunnies in Winter!

Hey there, fellow parents! It's Jacqui, your Sunnies mum of two outdoorsy boys, and today I want to talk about something super important: why our little ones should wear their Sunnies even in the winter months. During our recent Sandown Baby and Toddler Show lots of our new and expectant parents asked a good question, a lot, “Sunglasses for babies in the winter? Really?” “Yes” is our answer, “Yes”, and let us tell you why!


The Lowdown on Winter Sun Worries

So, winter's nearly here, and we're getting ready to bundle up. We might think, "Who needs sunglasses when it's chilly and cloudy out?" Well, guess what? Those UV rays and HEVL (High Energy Visible Light) don't care about the season. They're out to damage our babies and children’s eyes no matter time of year it is!


Reflective Surfaces Everywhere

First things first, snow is like a gigantic mirror. It reflects sunlight like crazy, and that means our children get hit by UV rays from all directions, when they're building snowmen or having epic snowball fights. Sunglasses? They're the ultimate protection for our kids’ eyes!


Winter Skies: Deceptive and Dangerous

Winter skies can be crystal clear, and that's when HEVL, aka "blue light," shows its true colours. Our little ones' eyes are more sensitive than ours, and all that blue light can mess with their developing eyes. We need shield them where we can!


Why Polarised Lenses Are Just The Thing For The Job! 

Now, let me share how we can help with our polarised lenses:

UV Blockers Extraordinaire: These bad boys are like a force field against UV rays. No more squinting and eye discomfort for our kids. They can play freely without worries!

Glare-Busters: Ever seen your child squinting in the bright white light? Polarised lenses cut glare with the ease of a light piercing through darkness. No more blinding reflections!

Clarity Booster: Winter sun can be oh-so-bright, but polarised lenses improve vision in those conditions. Say hello to more enjoyable winter adventures!

Blue Light Guardians: These lenses aren't just about UV protection. They also filter out a good chunk of HEVL. That means fewer chances of eye strain and happier kids. 

Kid-Proof and Safe: As a mum, I know our kids can be a bit rough and tumble. That's why I love Sunnies. They're designed to withstand playtime, and they even come with shatterproof lenses – one less thing to worry about!


In a Nutshell

Winter doesn't mean we can let our guard down when it comes to protecting our kids’ eyes. UV rays and HEVL are present all year-round, and sunglasses should always be to hand to keep their eyes healthy and safe. The polarised lenses from Sunnies are like our secret weapon – they keep our children’s eyes safe and stylish.


So, keep those Sunnies handy, embrace the winter adventures, and let your kids enjoy the outdoors – safely!

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