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Bendy Frames for Kids' Adventures!

As parents, we know that children are experts at exploring and going on all sorts of exciting adventures. Whether it's building sandcastles at the beach, climbing trees in the park, or riding their bikes, kids are constantly on the move. However, with all that action, it's essential to protect their eyes from the sun's harmful rays (you can learn more about this in our blog; why kids need sunnies in the winter).

This is where Sunnies sunglasses come into play.

Bendy Frames for Little Explorers

Our sunglasses are designed with babies and children in mind, understanding their tough handling and rough adventures. Our babies and children's sunglasses are not only stylish but also durable, thanks to their unique bendy frames. The frames are made from a specially blended BPA-free plastic and rubber material that has the perfect balance between flexibility and style.

two girls bending over backwards wearing sunnies for kids sunglasses on the beach

Why Bendy Frames?

Durability: Children have an uncanny ability to put their belongings to the test, and sunglasses are no exception. When my children were small (and even now as teenagers 😂) they would pick up their sunglasses and pull the arms apart overextending the hinge instantly breaking them.

When sorting through product sample after sample, designing our range, it was so important to us that they could withstand the trials and tribulations of a child's daily life. With our bendy frames there will be no more worries about broken sunglasses when they accidentally sit on them or drop their sunglasses during playtime. All are frames have been tried and tested by our family team of young test experts (mine and Helens kids! 😉).

Comfort: The bendy frames are not just about resilience; they are also designed for comfort. Their flexibility ensures a comfortable fit on a child's face as well as minimal pressure behind the ears. The frames gently hug the ears and nose, making them easy to wear for extended periods without discomfort.

Protection: Sunnies sunglasses are not just a fashion statement; they offer 100% UV and polarised protection. Shielding your child's eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays is crucial, especially during their early years when their eyes are still developing.

Style: These sunglasses come in a variety of fun and trendy designs, appealing to both kids and parents. You can choose from an variety of colours and shapes to match your child’s unique style. As parents we know that the key to having children wear anything is for them to love them too, which is why it’s great to involve them in choosing.

Easy to Clean: The BPA-free plastic and rubber blend is also easy to clean, ensuring that your child's sunglasses stay looking great even after muddy, sticky, or sandy adventures. To make it even easier we have a pocket size cleaning kit that can easily travel with you!

Safe for Eyes and Mouth: Babies and toddlers discover with their hands and mouth which is why all our frames are BPA Free keeping them safe and happy.


Register and Replace Guarantee

At Sunnies we understand that accidents happen, especially when kids are involved. That's why we offer a generous 12-month guarantee on all our sunglasses. This guarantee provides parents with the extra confidence they need. If your child's Sunnies get broken within the first year, we will replace them free of charge, all you cover is the postage costs!

Sunnies sunglasses have reimagined eyewear for children, focusing on durability, style, and protection. With their bendy frames and 100% UV protection, our sunglasses offer a perfect balance between fashion and function. The special blend of BPA-free plastic and rubber ensures that they can withstand your child’s wildest adventures.

So, as you prepare for your next outing, make sure to equip your baby or child with Sunnies fun and flexible frames.

Let your adventures shine as bright as the sun, while Sunnies keeps your children's eyes safe and stylish.

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