Green Laurels Products - Soap Bar, Shampoo Bar, Moisturiser and Candle

A Luxurious Delight for the Senses: Green Laurels Collection


I recently had the pleasure of trying out some of the Green Laurels products, and I must say, my senses were truly indulged. As a conscious consumer, I am always on the lookout for high-quality, eco-friendly products, and these products certainly did not disappoint.


Green Laurels is a brand that we came across whilst out meeting retailers for Sunnies, the first thing that drew me to the products was the vegan-friendly aspect of these products. Knowing that no harm was caused to animals during their production added an extra layer of satisfaction. It's heartening to see brands embracing ethical practices without compromising on luxury, and Green Laurels have certainly nailed this balance.


I opted for the Lime Basil and Mandarin fragrance Soy Candle, and the scent was sublime. As I lit the candle, a delicate aroma filled the air, instantly transforming my living space into a place of relaxation, which as a busy mum and business manager is welcomed. The blend of zesty lime, aromatic basil, and invigorating mandarin was a true delight. What impressed me even more was the remarkable balance of the fragrance. Unlike some overpowering candles that can quickly become overwhelming, the Luxury Premium Soy Candles maintained a gentle, yet persistent presence.


One of the standout features of these candles is undoubtedly the use of premium soy wax. The clean and even burn it provides not only prolongs the candle's lifespan but also ensures that the fragrance remains consistent from start to finish. The absence of harmful chemicals and toxins further reinforced my confidence in this product, allowing me to fully enjoy the experience without any concerns. I'm already looking forward to exploring more fragrances from this remarkable collection.


As well as the Soy Candle I also tried the Avocado & Ylang Ylang Soap, Lemongrass Shampoo, and Vitamin Rejuvenating Cream. As someone with sensitive skin, venturing into new skincare and self-care products often leaves me feeling anxious however Simon talked be through all the ingredients giving me the confidence to try something new. This collection catered to my skin's needs and left me genuinely impressed.


The soap, with its mild formulation, proved to be a gentle cleansing companion. It effectively removed impurities without stripping my skin of its natural moisture, leaving behind a clean canvas that felt supple and refreshed. The absence of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances was a testament to the brand's commitment to skin-friendly ingredients.


Moving on to the shampoo, I was pleased to find that it shared the same philosophy of gentle effectiveness. The formula managed to cleanse my hair thoroughly without leaving behind any heaviness or residue.


I was amazed by the level of compatibility the face cream had with my sensitive skin. It absorbed effortlessly, delivering a boost of hydration that didn't clog pores or trigger any adverse reactions. My face felt soft, and moisturised.


If you're a fellow sensitive skin soul in search of a harmonious and wallet-friendly skincare routine, this collection deserves a spot in your bathroom. It has certainly earned its place as a staple in my skincare ritual. Thank you, Simon, at Green Laurels I look forward to trying more soon!


Jacqui, Sunnies Team 

Green Laurels Products - Soap Bar, Shampoo Bar, Moisturiser and Candle
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