Meet the Founders of sunnies for kids

Starting a company from scratch is no mean feat. Especially a company that has clear vision (and a clear vision) at its heart. Sorry, we couldn’t resist that one!

After 20 years of friendship, Nick Garland and Caroline Walker knew that their mix of skills and experiences could make for a great business partnership and, after realising that there was a gap in the market for supplying practical but stylish sunglasses for children, the mission was clear.

Nick sums things up perfectly when he says “I’ve always worried about protecting my own children’s eyes from the sun and have tried more sunglasses brands than I should admit to in the search for a product that was genuinely toddler-proof and stylish too. We found it was virtually impossible to find something that could be stamped on, sat on, thrown, bent out of shape and chucked in a beach bag without breaking. But this is the reality of the life of a pair of sunglasses for kids! Not to mention the fact that we just didn’t want to see our kids in cartoon icons again… So we decided to see whether such a product existed. When we couldn’t find it, it became abundantly clear that we would have to create this perfect product for ourselves. And so the sunnies product was born.”

Designing, sourcing, planning, funding and delivering a new product right through to the point of sale is a tough gig. Especially a product that is going to have to make bold claims about safety and reliability. But this is exactly what the business-savvy pair have achieved with sunnies for kids.

Mind you, it’s no surprise that they had what it takes to see the job through. The pair have got more business skills and experience than you can shake a stick at. With a number of successful start-ups behind her, Caroline has worked extensively in the baby and nursery world as one of the industry's UK pioneers and market leading independent retailers. As a mother to 6 children she also has a very necessary no-nonsense approach and knows exactly what parents want. Meanwhile, as well as parenting his two small children, Nick’s distinguished military career, his high standards, eye for detail and entrepreneurial streak, have propelled him from the lows of serious injury and discharge from the Army to a promising career in business.

Watch this space to see more about how this pair’s exciting ideas for products and services will help you to take care of your whole family’s sunnies-needs.

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