Childs Farm

We just love holidays. Winter ones, summer ones, long ones, short ones… and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to be the one-stop-shop for all things Holiday. And even though we started out with a (not so) small obsession with kids’ sunglasses, it hasn’t taken long for us to see that there’s so much more that we can bring to our faithful sunnies tribe than just that.

When we first got talking to the people over at Childs Farm, we knew we were onto a good thing. Their products are just so kid-friendly and created around such a lovely wholesome but fun family vibe that we couldn’t wait to pair up with them and become an official stockist. There are no greater additions to your travel backpack than your kids’ sunnies and some Childs Farm Factor 50+ sunscreen. Because looking awesome and feeling smug about your sun-safety makes for a total #parentingwin.

So, just to help out a little more, we’ve put together a little list of 5 essentials to be included in the family soap bag for your next trip away. Take a screen shot and go get booked and packed!

1 Toothbrushes + toothpaste(s)

Sounds simple, I know, but in our house this involves an embarrassing array of manual and electric toothbrushes (to appease and encourage a fusspot 2 year old), chargers, spare batteries, three different age-appropriate toothpastes…

2 A multi use shower gel

Obviously we totally fell for the 3 in 1 swim wash for hair and body from Childs Farm. It smells totally lush and, not a word of a lie, we are all happy to use it – not just the kids!

3 Sunscreen

When you’re ready to head out – you MUST have your Childs Farm factor 50+ sunscreen (don’t hit the slopes or the beach without it).

4 After sun lotion

And when you get back, you’ll be reaching for your Childs Farm organic coconut aftersun lotion by default, to soothe sun-drenched skin and inhale that heady holiday scent!

5 Hair detangler

Whether you’re the one doing the detangling, or the one being detangled – you won’t want to tackle the task without the Childs Farm grapefruit and tea tree spray on hand. The tea tree oil is great for helping with a dry scalp and you can kiss goodbye to some of the terrible holiday conditions that plague the best of us including: ‘pool hair’, ‘ski helmet hair’, ‘beach hair’… need I go on?

Check out the full range of Childs Farm goodies available from sunnies here and don’t forget your sunnies too.

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