• Staycation Savvy

    July 8th 2020
    If you’re anything like us, you’re pretty keen for a change of scene right now, and you’ll take anything that even vaguely resembles a summer holiday! More than ever before, boy are we ready to feel that warm sand between our toes and watch the kids run free in their sunnies and swimmers. 
  • Lockdown Lessons for Sun Lovers

    June 5th 2020
    It’s been a pretty crazy time for us all the past few months, what with a global pandemic and the whole nation in lockdown… in case you missed that. But in spite of the national state of emergency, for most of us, day-to-day life with the kids goes on. Inside, outside, come rain or shine, we’re donning our sunnies, getting in the garden, playing, learning, exploring, relaxing and making memories to last a life time. 
  • Let's Get Serious About the Sun

    April 27th 2020
    Ok, so we know it’s not the funkiest sales pitch ever when we have to talk to you about the realities of the dangers of the sun. But it’s also kind of our duty to jump up and down and shout about this stuff – so we can better help you protect yourselves and your families from that little glowing rock.
  • Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

    March 30th 2020
    Getting a pair of sunnies on your older child (and keeping them on) is pretty straightforward in many ways. Once you’ve let them have a say over the colour, you can usually at least have a conversation (of sorts) with a five year old. And, more importantly, you can probably bribe them with ice cream. But, keeping a pair of sunglasses on a baby takes a whole other level of parenting know-how!
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